<@Nerezza> pleia2
<@pleia2> Nerezza
<@Nerezza> i wanna be on the webpage
<@pleia2> what web page!
<@Nerezza> a rainwreck one!
<@Nerezza> :D
<@pleia2> lol
<@pleia2> there is hardly any content on rainwreck.com!
<@Nerezza> i know imagine how much better it'd be if you and me were on it!
<@pleia2> lol
<@unshade> I want to be on d.rainwreck.com
<@Nerezza> you could even just post this conversation right on the homepage!
<@unshade> with a picture of a drain
<@pleia2> we should make it like a 1997 website
<@unshade> omg
<@pleia2> and a tiled background
<@Nerezza> ooooo haha
<@Nerezza> tiled animated gif?
<@pleia2> omg yes
<@pleia2> well no
<@Nerezza> haha
<@pleia2> lavalamp(1).gif
<@pleia2> omg yes
<@unshade> you need lavalamps, yes
<@unshade> and rotating radioactive skulls
<Emma> leia, you need something dancing on there too
<Emma> jesus or a hamster